Job Directory
Lawn Care Service Manager - Weed Man03/23/21
Golf Course Maintenance Superintendent - Mt. Lebanon Recreation Dept.03/08/21
Assistant Superintendent - Black Brook G.C.02/25/21
2nd Assistant Superintendent - Canterbury G.C.02/18/21
Assistant Superintendent - Lakewood C.C.02/18/21
Grounds Maintenance - Grantwood G.C.02/18/21
Director of Golf Operations - Cleveland Metro Parks02/13/21
Legend Lake Golf Club - Assistan-in-training02/09/21
Spray Technician -- Westwood C.C.02/07/21
Golf Course Superintendent - Firestone C.C.02/03/21
Golf Course Superintendent - Juday Creek G.C.01/25/21
Assistant Superintedent - Weymouth C.C.01/21/21
2nd Assistant Superintendent - Westfield C.C.01/17/21
Assistant Superintendent - Trumbull C.C.01/10/21
Mechanic - Highland Hills12/01/20
Golf Course Mechanic - Fowler's Mill11/30/20
Grounds Keeper - Legend Lake Golf Club09/17/20
Assistant in Training - Mayfield C.C.08/20/20




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